OKLAHOMA: GOP Sen. Nathan Dahm Files Bill Declaring All Wildlife To Be The Property Of “Almighty God”

Esquire reports:

A rising Republican star – yes, there still are some of those — named Nathan Dahm, who is running to replace the equally wingy wingnut Jim Bridenstine in the Congress, has filed Senate Bill 1457. What does this bill do? I am glad you asked. It makes all wildlife in Oklahoma “the property of Almighty God.” Things are not getting better, people.

Hemant Mehta weighs in:

Passing this bill wouldn’t change a damn thing, practically speaking, but Dahm, a home-schooled missionary, would get to insert Christianity into the law and that makes Baby Jesus happy. The people of Oklahoma wouldn’t benefit in any way. But I guess God would get first dibs on all the hunting.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine, not fucking incidentally, has been nominated by Trump to run NASA despite his utter lack of science or engineering knowledge and his denial of climate change. NASA, as you surely know, conducts much of the federal research on the climate. Shortly after his nomination, Bridenstine deleted his entire social media presence, doubtlessly to thwart Senate questioning. His nomination was narrowly approved by a Senate panel this week and now moves forward to a vote by the full Senate.

RELATED: Nathan Dahm first appeared on JMG in 2016 when he filed a bill that would have made it a felony to perform an abortion in Oklahoma. Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed the bill, much to the anguished screams of the Liberty Counsel, who had enlisted a local pastor to write the law.