OHIO: GOP Trump Sycophant Josh Mandel Drops Out Of 2018 Senate Race, Cites Wife’s Failing Health

The Washington Post reports:

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel abruptly ended his campaign for the U.S. Senate on Friday, dealing a blow to the GOP in one of the marquee contests of the 2018 elections. In an email to supporters, the Republican cited an unspecified health issue his wife is battling as the reason for his decision.

“Understanding and dealing with this health issue is more important to me than any political campaign,” Mandel wrote. “For as long as that takes, whether it is months or years, it is important that I heed my dad’s advice and be there for my wife and our kids.” Mandel said he would continue to serve out the rest of his term as state treasurer.

From Cleveland.com:

Just a few days after President Trump was inaugurated, Senate candidate Josh Mandel, 40, proposed a bill that would ban Ohio’s cities from providing sanctuary and send their mayors to prison for doing so, to boot.

“Over our dead body will Cincinnati become a sanctuary city,” Mandel said when announcing the proposal that would threaten Cincinnati’s mayor with jail time as punishment for making Cincinnati “less safe against radical Islam.”

Mandel served as a warm-up speaker during one of Trump’s victory lap rallies in Ohio.