MISSISSIPPI: Dem Rep Intros Bill Requiring Teachers To Recite The Ten Commandments In Class Every Day

Bustle reports:

On Tuesday, Democratic Mississippi Rep. Credell Calhoun introduced a bill that would impose strict religious requirements on teachers in the state’s public schools. Among other proposed rules, House Bill 1100 would mandate that Mississippi educators read the Ten Commandments every day in the first hour of class.

In addition to reciting the Ten Commandments at the top of every day, teachers would also be required to display the Commandments prominently (at least a poster size of 11×14 inches), along with the U.S. motto “In God We Trust,” in every classroom, school auditorium, and cafeteria. This is a clear violation of The Establishment Clause, which prohibits the federal government from supporting, financially or otherwise, a particular religion.

All school boards would also have to hold a 60-second moment of reflection at the beginning of each school day. This is the only regulation in the bill that doesn’t technically violate the separation of church and state, given that “prayer” isn’t mentioned, and a “moment of reflection” can be interpreted as non-religious.