Mike Cernovich: I’m A Literal Sorcerer [VIDEO]

Pizzagate troll Mike Cernovich, who has famously bragged that his manly jism is so supremely powerful that women uncontrollably crave it, also apparently fancies himself to be a literal sorcerer. (Wizard? Warlock?)

Jared Holt reports at Right Wing Watch:

“Everything I do is alchemy. That’s why I believe in magic. Not black magic, not the satanic magic that they practice in Hollywood and that the deep state practices and that the media practice. I believe in good magic, light magic, alchametic magic,” Cernovich said.

“Alchametic magic is ‘How do I create something out of nothing purely through manifesting my will through power and light, which is value.’ That’s white magic. That’s alchametic magic.”

Cernovich went on to explain that he believed the turn of phrase “emotional vampire,” which refers to people that others perceive to be emotionally draining or unpleasant to those around them, is a form of “black magic and that is the magic that is taught by our culture.”

“Whether you know it or not, you’re practicing magic,” Cernovich said, “but you’re practicing the dark, demonic magic—the parasitic magic.”

Cernovich goes on to explain that “dark magic” is the reason why the deep state and Hollywood are completely controlled by pedophiles. Uh huh.