Manhattan Trump Building Battles To Rip Down Name

The New York Times reports:

Must a New York City condominium forever bear the name T-R-U-M-P in large, brasslike letters? Or can it choose to take them down in favor, perhaps, of what a majority of residents believe is a more dignified name, 200 Riverside Boulevard, its simple street address?

That is the question before a State Supreme Court judge in Manhattan as part of a heated legal battle between the condominium’s board and DJT Holdings, a corporate entity owned by President Trump. There was a time in New York City and beyond when developers and businesses proudly emblazoned the Trump name on their residential buildings, hotels, steaks and water.

But since Mr. Trump was elected president, a small countertrend has emerged. T-R-U-M-P letters have been peeled off three rental buildings also on Riverside Boulevard, as well as hotels in SoHo and Toronto.

According to the Trump Organization, taking down the name would constitute a “flagrant and material breach of the license agreement.”