Former Evangelist Blasts Tony “Mulligan” Perkins: His Real Theology Is Revenge On People He Hates [VIDEO]

“Tony Perkins forgot his own theology and replaced it with a theology of revenge on people he disagrees with politically. That’s what’s going on here. This is the revenge of white evangelical right-wingers. Who they want to punch in the mouth is not just black Americans but, to put it in the words of the President of the United States, those who live in shithole countries.

“So they’re willing to put up with anything when it comes to moral degradation to see those ends achieved. I’m glad he put it in terms of revenge, at least he misspoke from his point of view but told the truth.” – Former evangelist Frank Schaeffer, responding to Perkins saying that the Christian right is thrilled that Trump is taking revenge on their behalf. Watch the clip, you’ll like this guy.