Family Research Council Prayer: Thanks Be To God For Sending Us Trump Even Though He Commits Adultery

From the FRC’s prayer of the day:

The election of a president who champions religious liberty, as President Trump has shown himself to be, was an answer to prayer even if God’s answer was not exactly what many of his people envisioned.

Most experts believe a Hillary Clinton White House would have continued the conscience-violating, even dictatorial policies of the Obama administration. Yet immediately after his election, President Trump acted to keep his promise to safeguard religious liberty.

Those who follow these matters know that the hostility toward people of faith requires vigilance. That is why we need leaders who will enforce the First Amendment’s restraint when it comes to faith expression: “nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof” and a vigilant and courageous Christian citizenry.

Thanks be to God for giving President Trump a burden to champion religious liberty. May Christians pray for and support the president for the good things he is doing, even if they cannot approve of his past or present behavior in other respects. (Ezra 1:2; Isaiah 44:28; Daniel 6:26; 1 Tim 6:13-16)