DEEP STATE DERP: Hannity’s Twitter Account Vanishes After His Cryptic “Form Submission 1649” Message

The International Business Times reports:

The mysterious disappearance of Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity’s Twitter account sent social media platforms into a tailspin, with users trying to probe the last cryptic message posted by the man. The cryptic post read “Form submission 1649.” His account has since been reactivated.

There was speculation online of the account being deactivated by Twitter, considering the past incidents of rogue employees deleting accounts. Case in point was the deactivation of Trump’s account in November 2017.

Certain users delved deep into “the conspiracy” that led to the deletion of the account. They claimed the reason behind this was that the host was getting very close to exposing the “deep state” and Democratic National Committee’s plan to overthrow the president.