Christian “Prophet”: God Might Have Former Presidents Executed For Daring To Criticize Trump [AUDIO]

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

Last Thursday, self-proclaimed “firefighter prophet” and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor made yet another appearance on Sheila Zilinsky’s “Weekend Vigilante” podcast, where he claimed that former presidents might be executed as punishment from God for criticizing President Trump.

Citing his previous prophecy that of the five living former presidents, “two will be taken, three will be shaken” as retribution from God for supposedly attacking Trump when they gathered for an event to raise money for hurricane relief last year, Taylor linked that to his other prophecy that America will soon see the establishment of “military-style tribunals to deal with the treasonous acts that are being committed right now in the United States.”

Taylor claimed that these five presidents, whom he referred to as “the evil crew of 32,” based on the number of years they collectively held office, had made a covenant with Baal and the “New World Order/Illuminati” and now would be punished for attacking God’s anointed leader, Donald Trump.

Taylor has also prophesied that Trump will soon release the secret cures for cancer and Alzmeimer’s. Last year he declared that Freemasons are using a “Satanic frequency” to make people hate Trump. Taylor is a regular on Jim Bakker’s show. Of course.