Christian Activist: The Gospel Says Trump Gets A Moral Mulligan On Adultery (And We’d Forgive Bill Clinton Too)

Christian activist Michael Brown writes for Charisma News:

We voted for Donald Trump with our eyes wide open and without compromising our faith. If he did, in fact, have a fling with this porn star (which he denies) and pay to keep her quiet, we would not be surprised. And when he does use profanity (as many other presidents did before him), we are not surprised. And when he’s caught in a lie, we are not surprised. Grieved, yes; surprised, no.

Rather, we say this: Babies are being slaughtered by Planned Parenthood, and this flawed man is willing to help us stop the slaughter. Christians are being massacred by ISIS, and this flawed man is willing to help stop the bloodshed. Our religious liberties are being threatened, and this flawed man is willing to take a stand on our behalf.

How is that hypocritical? How is that immoral? How is that compromised? As for giving him a mulligan, that’s what you call the gospel. God forgives us, and we forgive others, especially if they recognize their guilt and seek to make positive changes.

To this very moment, I feel confident that if Bill Clinton came forward and confessed to his past adulteries, taking full responsibility, seeking to make restitution, and asking for forgiveness, we would line up to be the first to forgive publicly.

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