Breitbart: Amnesty Plan Will Bring Self-Impeachment

This week Breitbart began labeling Trump as “Amnesty Don” over his administration’s latest immigration proposals.

This afternoon they go further:

The open-ended amnesty offer by Donald Trump’s top deputies to the Democrats combines political incompetence, malpractice, greed, betrayal, and self-mutilation, say Trump’s friends and supporters. “It electrifies the Democratic base and dispirits your own Republican base, and that is the recipe for a wipeout” in November, said Dan Horowitz, editor at Conservative Review. “You could call it the Self-Impeachment Act of 2018,” he added.

The malpractice is shown by the terms of the proposal, which contradicts Trump’s claim to be a master negotiator, by offering many concessions without getting anything in return, and by front-loading the amnesty while deferring potential benefits for Americans until after the November election and even the 2028 election.

The proposal says it offers amnesty to an estimated 1.8 million younger illegals — but it suggests no rules to limit the likely fraud, undercounting and judicial appeals that could ensure a supercharged repeat of the 1986 amnesty, when the legislature’s promise of 400,000 green cards to agriculture workers quickly became the bureaucracy’s award of 1 million green cards.

Breitbart’s post is illustrated with a photo of John Kelly.