Axios: Trump’s Already Decided To Release Memo

Mike Allen reports at Axios:

Jonathan Swan and I are told that President Trump has already made up his mind to release the memo, which he sees as vindication, despite Justice Department resistance. Trump believes it will solidify in the public’s mind that there’s a Deep State out to get him.

Couple that fact with some genuinely troubling text messages between FBI agents, and the Fox News chorus warning of a Deep State coup, and you have the makings of a disorientation machine.

Last night, I saw how hot the House was burning when I interviewed Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, just after Sean Hannity had told his prime-time Fox audience that the memo would expose “the biggest political scandal in American history.”

Hannity said he has been told memo’s contents “will shock the conscience,” and that the bias in the early stages of the Russia investigation “makes Watergate like stealing a Snickers bar from a drugstore.”

Schiff also tells Axios that his office has been getting “obscene calls and death threats” over the memo.