ALABAMA: Landlords Fear Renting New Home To Roy Moore Accuser Whose Home Burned In Arson Fire

The Birmingham News reports:

A nationwide GoFundMe drive has neared $150,000 in donations to help Roy Moore accuser Tina Johnson recover from her home’s destruction in a suspicious fire, but Johnson’s gratitude was mixed with continued troubles this weekend.

“I just thank everyone all across America from the bottom of my heart,” Johnson said Saturday. “I just cannot give them the proper words. God is good.” But Johnson said she’s struggling now to get out of the motel room that she, husband and grandson have been sharing since the fire.

“They don’t want to rent to me,” Johnson told Saturday of Etowah County rental property owners. “They think, if they burned that house down, they might burn my house down. They have nothing available.”

The Etowah County Arson Task Force says a person of interest has been questioned but no arrest has been made. They add that the investigation “does not lead us to believe that the fire is in any way related to Roy Moore or allegations made against him.”