Actress Details Accusations Against Co-Star Scott Baio: He Fingered Me In His Car When I Was 14 [VIDEO]

The New York Daily News reports:

Nicole Eggert detailed the first time “Charles in Charge” co-star Scott Baio molested her in his garage — and revealed why she lied about it for so long.

The actress, who is 11 years younger than Baio, told Megyn Kelly on Tuesday that the actor digitally penetrated her in his car in his garage when she was just 14.

She shared that the molestation continued up until she was 17 — when the two had intercourse for the first time. “I was young, it was shocking playing on emotions and hormones,” she explained.

Eggert said Baio told her not to tell anyone and that he would go to jail. He also threatened her that the show would end and everyone would lose their jobs — including her, Egger claimed.