VIRGINA: Alleged Teen Nazi Charged With Murdering Girlfriend’s Parents For Telling Her To Dump Him

NBC News reports:

A Virginia couple was found fatally shot in their home on Friday, and a 17-year-old, who is in the hospital with self-inflicted gunshot wounds, is being charged with their deaths.

The couple, husband Scott Fricker, 48, and wife Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, of Reston, were found dead early Friday morning, according to the Fairfax County Police Department.

“My daughter and her husband found out about a lot of the Nazi stuff just this past week, and they forbid their daughter to see him again,” Janet Kuhn, the mother of Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, told NBC Washington.

The Fairfax County Police Department said in a statement that, while their homicide detectives had obtained petitions charging the teen with two murders, “the petitions will be served on the suspect at a time yet to be determined, depending on his medical condition.”

More from the Washington Post:

On Sunday night, Kuhn-Fricker alerted the principal of the Fairfax County private school that her daughter and the boyfriend attend, attaching numerous images of the account that had retweeted missives praising Hitler, supporting Nazi book burnings, calling for “white revolution,” making derogatory comments about Jews and featuring an illustration of a man hanging from a noose beneath a slur for gay people.

In private Twitter messages, the account Kuhn-Fricker attributed to the boyfriend responded to a photo of a candy shop that featured a display of a dreidel by writing, “ima run in there with my swastika armband right now.”

“I would feel a little bad reporting him if his online access was to basically be a normal teen, but he is a monster, and I have no pity for people like that,” Kuhn-Fricker wrote in the email. “He made these choices. He is spreading hate.”