Twitter Wonders About Trump’s Dentures [VIDEO]

Via Mediaite:

Uh, what the heck was going on with Trump’s speech pattern? He began seemingly slurring his words toward the end of his remarks. In particular at the very end, it was quite noticeable. Was he on drugs? Was he drunk on Big Macs? Tired? Did he just really miss Twitter? It looks like the answer is none of these things. A close Mediaite examination of the video led us to the most likely conclusion: the President’s dentures were slipping out of his mouth, subtly loosening, thus causing the change in speech pattern.

Via TMZ:

President Trump unveiled something new at the White House — and we don’t mean his policy on Jerusalem … instead, we’re talking about a mysterious lisp. POTUS really did make a major announcement Wednesday morning — becoming the first Prez to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in the last 70 years, but near the end of his remarks he started slurring really badly. It sounded as if he had dentures or a retainer that he was struggling to keep in his mouth. We’ve called the White House to check on 45’s grill … but something’s definitely up.