Saturday Night Live’s Hillary Clinton Visits Trump As The Ghost Of Christmas Future: Lock Him Up [VIDEO]

Entertainment Weekly reports:

December is here, and Saturday Night Live is getting into the Christmas spirit — by casting Donald Trump as Scrooge.

Alec Baldwin’s Trump returned to the show Saturday in the cold open, where he found himself visited by the ghosts of his past, present, and future. But first up was Mikey Day as Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty Friday for lying about his contact with Russian ambassadors. (In the SNL sketch, Flynn became Trump’s Jacob Marley.)

Up next was Alex Moffat as Billy Bush, a.k.a. the ghost of the past, and Beck Bennett as shirtless Vladimir Putin, a.k.a. the ghost of the present. Finally, Kate McKinnon pulled double duty, playing Kellyanne Conway at the top of the sketch before reappearing later as the ghost of the future — Hillary Clinton.