Roy Moore Accuser Is “Sickened” That GOP Values Their Senate Seat More Than Sexual Assault [VIDEO]

ABC News reports:

One of the women accusing Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, Beverly Young Nelson, told ABC News it “sickens” her to think what might happen if Moore is elected to the U.S. Senate. Nelson has said Moore groped her four decades ago when she was a 16-year-old waitress and he was in his 30s.

“It sickens me to wonder what may go on with him if he gets into office,” Nelson told ABC News’ Tom Llamas in an interview that aired on “Good Morning America” today. “Maybe, you know, he could be doing this still. We don’t know. And then again I hope that he’s changed. I pray that he’s changed. I really do.”

More from Mediaite:

“Is the party more important — really — than what happened?” Nelson asked. “I feel like my incident is being swept under the rug, literally, because he’s a Republican.”

The GMA report — billed as an exclusive, though NBC’s Megyn Kelly had the first interview with Nelson last month — notes that many of Moore’s supporters have called Nelson a liar.

The Alabama candidate’s nutcase spokesperson even called into question the legitimacy of the yearbook note. “That really hurt me,” Nelson said. “God knows, and Roy knows, and I know what happened.”