MSNBC Panel Mocks Sparse Crowd At Trump’s Xmas Tree Lighting: The Biggest Turnout In History [VIDEO]

Via Mediaite:

Morning Joe opened up a particularly whimsical Friday-in-December show by covering President Donald Trump’s Christmas Tree lighting at the White House — and ruthlessly mocked him for his lackluster crowd at the typically busy event.

“So a beautiful, balmy evening in D.C., no excuse to get outside,” MSNBC’s Katty Kay started, describing the night. “And you go to the Christmas tree lighting — except not many people show up.”

“I’ve never seen it this empty before, never seen it this empty,” Kay added, before a photo of empty seats at the lighting was shown, eliciting audible shock from the Morning Joe panel. “Oh my God!” Mika Brzezinski exclaimed. “Holy moly!” added John Heilemann, before quipping: “That is the biggest turnout at a Christmas tree lighting in history.”

The biggest in history, period!