The Mooch Rips “Messianic Loser” Steve Bannon

The New York Post reports:

Potty-mouthed flameout White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci spoke to NYC Jews about his inspiring pilgrimage to Israel — but still couldn’t resist laying into his nemesis Steve Bannon as a “messianic loser.”

For unfathomable reasons, the Mooch was invited to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s Hanukkah party to speak about his trip to Israel, just weeks after a tone-deaf Holocaust poll appeared in the Scaramucci Post.

But the man who lasted a mere 10 days in the West Wing before being fired over an obscenity-filled interview, once again went wildly off-script during his Sunday night sermon at the rabbi’s Upper West Side townhouse.

Of Bannon, he told the crowd, “He’s a loser. He’ll be a stalwart defender of Israel until he’s not. That’s how this guy operates. I’ve seen this guy operate. He was a stalwart defender of me until it became better for him not to be.”