MASSACHUSETTS: Scott Lively To Run For Governor Again After Finishing With Less Than 1% In 2014

Mass Live reports:

Scott Lively, a controversial anti-gay pastor and activist, announced Friday that he will run as a Republican in Massachusetts’ 2018 gubernatorial contest, setting up a primary fight against incumbent Gov. Charlie Baker.

Lively, who previously ran as an independent against Baker in 2014, said the governor’s work on Beacon Hill has inspired him to once again throw his hat into the ring.

Calling the governor a “Republican-in-name-only,” Lively contended that Baker has hurt conservative values, legislated as a “de-facto big government pro-abortion Democrat” and “plundered the treasury of the Republican Party to wage war on conservatives.”

As most of you surely know, Lively advocates for harsh penalties for homosexuality and regularly urges foreign governments to crackdown on their LGBT populations.

Earlier this year a Massachusetts court dismissed the crimes against humanity case brought against Lively in 2012 by an Ugandan human rights group.