Homocon Vs Homocon: Gateway Pundit Blames Matt Drudge For Refusing To Come To Roy Moore’s Defense

The homocon Gateway Pundit, the fakey-est fake news site to ever fake its way out of Fake Town, is blaming fellow homocon Matt Drudge (among many others) in a raging post on Roy Moore’s loss. An excerpt:

Doug Jones several supporters to thank tonight for his stunning win. Matt Drudge and The Drudge Report for his refusal to report on any news that would hurt the Democrat candidate. Democrat media — For the constant attacks against Judge Roy Moore. Democrat media — For their refusal to report on Doug Jones positions. Greg Gutfeld.

It was a solid win for a very far left Democrat in Alabama. Look forward to the nastiest elections EVER in US history in the coming months and years. Congratulations to all of the many supporters of Doug Jones! He couldn’t have done it with you!

The post was written by Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft, who is widely-known as the “Stupidest Man On The Internet” – an appellation that the writing above reflects. Hoft is one of Moore’s fiercest defenders despite Moore’s open willingness to have people like him imprisoned for being gay.