Family Research Council: Pray To Jesus That He Stops Godless Indoctrination By Transgender Servicemembers

Today’s prayer of the day from Tony Perkins:

Lord, you ordained use of “the sword” for national security and police protection a core role of civil government. You created the two distinct, biological sexes as fundamental to life and decreed that sexual anarchy is a serious sin with profound consequences to individuals and society. Lord, intervene! Prevent our military from further weakening and our society from further sexual anarchy via the godless indoctrination of our troops. Guide and govern our leaders in all three branches of government. You are our Judge. You are our Lawgiver; and You are our King; it is You who will save us! (Lev 18: all; Dt 20:1-9; Dt 22:5; 1 Chr 12:32-36; Is 33:22; Mt 19:4; Rom 13:1-5)

It’s been over a month and Perkins still refuses to comment on having covered up sexual assault by an Ohio GOP rep for whom Perkins had been fundraising that very evening.