Brian Brown: NOM Has Helped Erode LGBT Civil Rights In 2017 So Send Us Money Right Now As Our Reward

Just in from hate group leader Brian Brown:

This year has been one of amazing accomplishment for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). We’ve had incredible successes in every area of our work – public education, legal advocacy, and federal and state policy advancement. The landscape is decidedly better today for traditional values, for families and for supporters of true marriage than it was a year ago. NOM has played a significant role in that turn-around.

But as we approach the last few days of 2017 we’re staring at a budget deficit that must be addressed. Despite all that we’ve accomplished, we are tens of thousands of dollars short of where we need to be. Unless this deficit is erased, I’ll have to cut back on our plans just as we’ve got real momentum.

Will you step up today with an emergency financial gift to help us erase our budget deficit? We’d be very grateful for whatever amount you might be able to give during this year-end push. Thanks to some generous donors who have come together to offer a $250,000 year-end matching gift, the good news is that whatever amount you donate now will be matched, dollar for dollar.

Support for traditional marriage, the right to life, adherence to the truth of natural gender, and other beliefs about human sexuality are said to be bigoted and discriminatory because they fail to salute contemporary elite opinion that there are no universal absolute truths, only individual expressions and understandings.

Any expression of belief that conflicts with an individual’s choices and assertions must be sacrificed. Thus, it is not enough that a gay couple can find countless bakers, photographers, florists and similar wedding professionals to help celebrate their ‘wedding’ the law must punish anyone who refuses to celebrate their unnatural relationship.

Please act today with a generous financial gift, knowing that it will double in size thanks to the year-end $250,000 matching gift opportunity that has been made available by a group of generous supporters.