World Net Daily Promotes Alzheimer’s “Cure” Drink

World Net Daily regularly sends out email blasts to “introduce major advertisers to our loyal readers.”

This one just arrived:

Can a homemade “beverage” permanently end Alzheimer’s disease? That’s what experts are now claiming after seeing THIS drink in action.

Recently, a Tufts University educator unveiled an Alzheimer’s-Reversing “Cocktail” recipe and, after watching dramatic transformations of the patients who used it, some researchers are finally admitting it’s a cure.

If you ever worry that your memory is getting worse, or have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia… this “cocktail” could be life-changing. Don’t wait another second to start reversing your memory loss. Get the incredible recipe here.

After you sit through the interminable video at the link, you finally get to the pitch for their $76/year newsletter, which is not at all full of similar scams.