Wife Of Pulse Shooter Claims No Knowledge Of Plot, Says Husband Was Cheating Via Dating Sites [VIDEO]

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Attorneys for the wife of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen wrote in a motion filed on Monday that he was using online dating websites such as Plenty of Fish to cheat on her. Noor Salman’s attorneys said in the motion that Mateen used a mutual friend as a cover story so he could go out with other women.

Salman told the FBI her husband told her the night before the attack he was going out with this friend. Salman’s attorneys argue this is relevant because Mateen was actively trying to hide what he was doing from his wife. Salman claims she knew nothing of the attack.

The friend, named Nemo, told FBI investigators that Mateen asked him to lie for him if his wife ever called. “And this is a statement he made to me, because he had a bad habit of — he was married, he was married, but he went behind his wife’s back and did a lot of stuff on the side on whatever website,” Nemo told FBI agents, according to the filing. “Plenty of Fish or whatever it was. Arablounge. He even mentioned Craigslist to me. Hooking up with women. Hooking up with older women.”

More from the New York Daily News:

The documents also point out the FBI has interviewed more than 10 women from different dating sites and escort services, discovering that at least four of them met the gunman in person. “On at least one occasion, Mateen succeeded in cultivating a romantic relationship between 2015 and March 2016 while married to Ms. Salman.”

Her attorney additionally requested text messages between the pair the morning of the attack be admitted into evidence as well as Salman’s medical records in a bid to establish a pattern of domestic violence.

Salman’s trial as an accomplice is scheduled to begin in March. She faces a life sentence.