Trump: Manhattan Terrorist Deserves Death Penalty

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that Sayfullo Saipov, the motorist accused of killing eight in New York City on Tuesday in a domestic terror attack, should face the death penalty for his actions.

The comments serve as Trump’s most direct call to action against the attacker since Tuesday’s lethal incident. It is extremely unusual for a sitting president to weigh in on an ongoing criminal trial process, let alone recommend capital punishment, and could potentially complicate efforts to prosecute Saipov.

In 1989, Trump famously paid $85,000 to call for a group of five black and Latino men to face the death penalty for the horrific rape of a woman in New York City, a crime the group, dubbed the “Central Park Five,” were later proved innocent of by DNA evidence. “Bring Back the Death Penalty!” read the ad purchased by the then-real estate mogul.