Trump Breaks Silence, Endorses Roy Moore: We Don’t Need A Liberal Democrat In That Senate Seat [VIDEO]

Axios reports:

While departing the White House en route to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving, President Trump signaled support for Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been plagued by sexual allegations from 9 different women.

“We don’t need a liberal Democrat in that seat,” said Trump. “He totally denies [the accusations], you have to listen to him also … we don’t need somebody soft on crime like Jones.”

Why it matters: This signals a major shift in the president’s position. The White House had previously said that Moore should drop out of the race if the allegations are true. But this afternoon, Trump all but told Alabamians they should vote for Moore.

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump has now echoed Conway’s comments, telling reporters before heading to Florida on Tuesday that “we don’t need a liberal person in there — a Democrat.”

Trump also added multiple times that Moore “denies” or “totally denies” the accusations against him and that “40 years is a long time.” Trump also declined to rule out campaigning for Moore. “I’ll be letting you know next week,” Trump said.

So while other Republicans have said they find Moore’s accusers to be credible and have said he needs to drop out, Trump is effectively endorsing him over Democratic nominee Doug Jones and suggesting Moore’s denials might hold water. That sets up an interesting clash if Moore does win.