Tony Perkins Continues To Remain Silent On Allegations He Covered Up Sexual Assault By Gay Ohio Republican

The New York Times reports:

Ohio conservatives had considered Mr. Goodman a rising star, said Tom Zawistowski, president of the conservative Ohio Citizens Political Action Committee, which endorsed Mr. Goodman last year. “We felt that he had some conservative credentials,” Mr. Zawistowski said. “We don’t have a problem with someone that has a homosexual lifestyle,” he added. “That’s their decision. That’s their right.” But he said the allegation about an unwanted sexual advance had “tipped the scales.”

The Post, citing letters and emails, reported that conservative leaders knew that Mr. Goodman was accused of touching an 18-year-old in 2015. One of those leaders, Tony Perkins, is the president of the Family Research Council, an advocacy group that says “homosexual conduct” is “by definition unnatural.” He urged Mr. Goodman not to run for office but did not make the allegations public, The Post reported. Mr. Perkins and media representatives of the council did not respond to emails and phone calls on Sunday.

Perkins has also not yet commented on the Roy Moore scandal. His most recent tweet from four days ago was met with responses demanding answers about the Goodman coverup.