Texas Shooter ID’d As 26 Year-Old Former Bible Study Teacher, Used AK-15 Assault Rifle, Wore Combat Gear

Heavy.com reports:

Devin P. Kelley was identified as the gunman who walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on a Sunday morning and murdered at least 25 people, wounding many more. The shooter’s name was reported via sources by The New York Times and CBS News; the latter gave his name as Devin Patrick Kelley.

The horrific mass shooting wounded almost everyone inside the small white church building in the town of only a few hundred people. Authorities in Sutherland Springs, Texas have confirmed that there are multiple casualties – as many as 25 were killed – after frantic social media reports described a man, now named as Kelley, 26, walking into the church in combat gear and shooting parishioners.

The shooter was “now ID’d by authorities; white male in his 20s from outside San Antonio,” reported Mike Levine, a journalist for ABC News. “Authorities are now scrubbing his social media; on Facebook in recent days, he showed off an AR-15 style-looking gun.” After opening fire inside the church, reports say, the gunman took off in a vehicle. Not soon after the shooting, though, he was also reported to be dead.