Sam Clovis Withdraws Agriculture Post Nomination

The Associated Press reported on Twitter just now that Sam Clovis has withdrawn his nomination to the top science post at the Department of Agriculture.

The move comes after Clovis was linked to George Papadopoulos in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and hours after a blistering Washington Post story:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist nominee, Sam Clovis, who now serves as the agency’s senior White House adviser, confirmed in an Oct. 17 letter obtained by The Washington Post that he has no academic credentials in either science or agriculture.

Clovis, who possesses a bachelor’s degree in political science, an MBA degree and a doctorate in public administration, repeatedly acknowledged his lack of background in the hard sciences when responding to Stabenow. “Please list all graduate level courses you have taken in natural science,” the second of 10 questions requested. “None,” Clovis replied.

“Please list all membership and leadership roles you have held within any agricultural scientific, agricultural education, or agricultural economic organizations,” the third question read. “None,” Clovis replied.

Clovis has claimed that the legalization of same-sex marriage will inevitably lead to legalizing pedophilia. And that’s just one of his many batshit claims.