Roy Moore’s Hate Group Files Brief Urging Mississippi Supreme Court To Defy SCOTUS On Same-Sex Marriage

From the Foundation For Moral Law:

Yesterday, the Mississippi Supreme Court held oral argument in Strickland v. Day, a case in which a lesbian is seeking custody rights to a child conceived through artificial insemination and born to her former partner during their “marriage.” The mother left the lesbian lifestyle and married a man, but Strickland claims that she should be recognized as a parent because the child was born during the “marriage.”

In an amicus brief submitted in August, the Foundation argued that the Court should not extend the presumption of parentage to the former partner because a woman cannot get another woman pregnant. The Foundation also invited the Mississippi Supreme Court to reject as illegitimate and unconstitutional the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges that purported to legalize same-sex marriage.

Foundation President Kayla Moore said: “The Constitution of the United States does not require a state supreme court to hold that a woman can be a child’s father. We hope that the Mississippi Supreme Court will stand up for what is right, both morally and legally.”

John Eidsmoe, the Foundation’s Senior Counsel, added: “In the 2015 case of Czekala-Chatham v. State, two justices of the Mississippi Supreme Court questioned the legitimacy of Obergefell. Our amicus brief urges the Court to consider those concerns in this case.”

As you surely know, defying the US Supreme Court is why Roy Moore was kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court for a second time.

Also as you surely know, the Foundation For Moral Law openly advocates for criminalizing homosexuality and for replacing the federal government with a Christian theocracy based entirely on “biblical law.”