Roy Moore Refuses To Rule Out Having Dated Teenagers In His 30s: “I Dated A Lot Of Young Ladies” [VIDEO]

The Washington Post reports:

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore declined Friday to rule out that he may have dated girls in their late teens when he was in his 30s, though he said he did not remember any such encounters and described such behavior as inappropriate.

“If I did, I’m not going to dispute these things, but I don’t remember anything like that,” Moore said on Sean Hannity’s radio program, when asked whether he had dated 17- or 18-year-old girls at the time.

“After my return from the military, I dated a lot of young ladies,” Moore told Hannity. When Hannity asked Moore again if he could unequivocally say he never dated anybody in their late teens when he was 32, Moore said, “That’s out of my customary behavior.”