REPORT: X-Rated Pic Of GOP Rep. Joe Barton Believed To Have Come From Possible Mentally Ill Trump Fan

The Dallas Morning News reports:

The person who appears to have generated the photo has tweeted a stream of unusual and at times incoherent statements.

The person — who often retweets pro-President Donald Trump messages — has claimed “corrupt police” took his or her medicine, that someone attempted to kill him or her with a car, and appears to have a fascination with actor Corey Feldman.

In the initial tweet that sparked the brouhaha, the Twitter user linked the image of Barton with a separate image of a clothed woman, suggesting the two were involved, with a cryptic message: “I don’t like being harassed by these 2.”

The woman implicated in the photo, who The News is not identifying, has not responded to requests for comment.