Perkins: There Will Be No Statement On Wes Goodman

Yesterday the Christian Post published a lengthy recounting of the Wes Goodman sexual assault scandal and resulting coverup, concluding their story with this sentence: “The Christian Post reached out to FRC and Perkins for comment, but was told the organization will not be releasing a statement on the issue.”

Meanwhile right wing columnist Rod Dreher lays into Perkins at the American Conservative:

Remember, it was only two years ago that Perkins, in his capacity as head of the Family Research Council, got sandbagged by the Josh Duggar scandal. What, if anything, did he know about Duggar’s sex life before he signed Duggar up to be an FRC national leader? Maybe nothing, but the Goodman fiasco is the second prominent example of Perkins’s bad judgment — and in the Goodman case, we have documentation (in the form of a letter from Perkins) that Perkins knew about Goodman’s homosexuality and habit of coming on to young men, and let him go into politics as a conservative, pro-family Christian anyway.

To be clear, Perkins did say in that private letter to Goodman that he (Perkins) cannot endorse his entering politics, given that he had not shown that he (Goodman) had dealt with his sexual disorder. But why did Perkins remain silent when Goodman entered an Ohio statehouse GOP primary — and won? In his 2015 letter to Goodman, Perkins recognized that it would be a disaster for the conservative movement, as well as for Goodman personally, if his past were to be exposed. As an Evangelical pastor friend texted today, in deep frustration, “This is what people think Christianity is.”

Perkins last posted a tweet five days ago.