OHIO: Right Wing Group Blasts “Stalwarts Of Christian Morality” For Covering Up Sex Assault By Former Rep

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio has joined those criticizing the sexual behavior of former Rep. Wes Goodman, R-Cardigan, and what it portrayed as his enablers.

The caucus, which describes itself as the “philosophical core” of the Republican Party, issued a statement Wednesday “to set the record straight on where we stand today.”

“Last week, Wes Goodman, once considered a rising star in Ohio politics, resigned over an incident of consensual sexual contact with another male in his office. Since that time, we’ve come to learn more about his behavior over the last decade,” the statement said.

“Aside from the predatory nature of some of the alleged incidents, the most troubling part about this news is the cover-up of an illegal act to protect his image by groups promoting themselves as stalwarts of Christian morality.”

Yesterday the Family Research Council told the Christian Post that they will not be issuing a comment on the coverup. Tony Perkins, for his part, has been on radio silence for nearly a week, aside from the standard FRC money begs issued with his signature.