New Barbie Line Features “Love Wins” Shirts

Far-right Christian blog LifeSiteNews is ever so pissed:

The Barbie children’s doll is being used to further LGBT issues. “Proud to wear this “Love Wins” shirt,” states a Barbie-associated Instagram account, along with a photo of two dolls wearing the LGBT-themed t-shirt. The “Love Wins” slogan is associated with support for legalization of gay marriage. An iconic blond Barbie doll representing the @BarbieStyle Instagram account is pictured in the post along with a brunette Asian doll representing fashion blogger Aimee Song.

LifeSiteNews did not hear back from Mattel on an inquiry to confirm the dolls were licensed Mattel products and specifics of what the company sought to convey with them. The @BarbieStyle Instagram account is run by Barbie staff designers, according to the fashion blog Racked. The account is focused on fashion and is separate from the Barbie account aimed at children and parents.

Mattel issued a statement today to Gay Star News: “We are an inclusive brand that celebrates diversity, kindness and acceptance. We are proud to partner with Aimee Song, a top fashion influencer, and promote her t-shirt collection.”

The “Love Wins” posts have tens of thousands of likes on Instagram.