Christian “Prophet”: God Will Kill Two Former Presidents And Imprison The Others For Daring To Criticize Trump

“Firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, currently the darling of extremist Christian sites like World Net Daily and a regular on Jim Bakker’s show, who recently claimed that Trump has secretly imprisoned 3000 “elite pedophiles,” says that God will take murder two former presidents and have the others imprisoned for daring to criticize “God’s anointed president.”

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

Taylor said that when he saw all five former presidents gathered at an event to raise money for hurricane relief, he received a word from the Lord that “two will be taken, three will be shaken.”

“They were doing this Hurricane Harvey relief effort,” Taylor said. “They were trying to raise money for Hurricane Harvey, but we all know that is a bunch of lies. These guys could care less about people, it’s about their agenda. They disguised it as a relief effort for Hurricane Harvey victims and they go in there and they trash Donald Trump.”

“The Bible says, ‘Do not touch my anointed, but especially my prophets,’” he continued. “These guys have now touched God’s anointed, Donald Trump. They used it as a platform to go in there and attack.”