CANADA: Government Earmarks $100M To Compensate Military And Federal Employees Ejected For Being Gay

CBC news reports:

The Trudeau government has earmarked more than $100 million to compensate members of the military and other federal agencies whose careers were sidelined or ended due to their sexual orientation, The Canadian Press has learned.

The money will be paid out as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement to employees who were investigated, sanctioned and sometimes fired as part of the so-called gay purge.

An agreement in principle in the court action emerged Friday, just days before the government delivers a sweeping apology for discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community.

Details of the agreement must still be worked out by the parties and approved by the Federal Court, but it’s expected that several thousand people will be eligible for the financial compensation.

Trudeau will issue a formal apology before Parliament tomorrow. In addition, Trudeau’s administration will introduce a measure to expunge the records of anybody convicted for homosexual acts by military or civilian courts. (Tipped by JMG reader David)