Breitbart Radio Guest: The Left Always Says Love Is Love So Why Is It Creepy For Roy Moore To Date Teens?

“The left is the one — they’ve been saying ‘love is love’ for years, which means anything goes between — at least one hopes– consenting legal people. So that immediately means the Post larded up their story with allegations from people who were of legal age to undercut him to basically make it seem like the other case is more credible. Well, which is it?

“Is it ‘love is love,’ in which case you’re not going to go around reporting anything that crazy liberals do, you won’t show us how bad the gay pride parade is in San Francisco, etc? Or are you really going to say anybody who dates somebody who’s 16, even if it’s legal, they’re a creep?” – Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor, speaking today on Breitbart’s SiriusXM channel.

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