American Family Association: Matt Drudge Is Dreadful To Roy Moore Because Drudge Is A Homosexual

“Ladies and gentlemen, please, I’m begging you, really, especially those of you in Alabama, not to stay home. Do not let the ‘ick’ factor set in because that’s what the establishment in Washington wants. They want to cast enough taint on Judge Moore – and it will be somebody else next. Trust me. If they can destroy him, honestly, I don’t think that Christian conservatives will have a chance.

“We will be so marginalized, and ‘marginalized’ probably doesn’t even capture it. You can already see how hated we are. He has stood so strongly for the Ten Commandments and marriage between a man and a woman. The reason Drudge is so dreadful toward Moore is because Matt Drudge is a homosexual.” – American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios, doubtlessly referring to yesterday’s “JUDGE WHORE” headline on the Drudge Report.