Alarm Raised After Twitter Staffer Screws With Trump’s Account: What If That Guy Tried To Start A War?

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump boasted Friday of his social media influence after his personal Twitter account was briefly deactivated by a departing company employee, raising serious questions about the security of tweets the president wields to set major policy agendas, connect with his voter base and lash out at his adversaries.

The deactivation Thursday sparked deep and troubling questions about who has access to the president’s personal account, @realDonaldTrump, and the power that access holds. The deactivation also came at a time when the social network is under scrutiny for the role it played in spreading Russian propaganda during the 2016 presidential election.

More from Politico:

Trump’s Twitter account – the social media with which he communicates his thoughts and feelings on an almost daily basis – went dark for a period of roughly 11 minutes Thursday just before 6 p.m.

Twitter initially announced that the president’s account had been deactivated due to human error, but said in a follow up post that an employee completing their final day with the company had purposefully deactivated the president’s account.

Twitter said it was conducting an internal review in the wake of the deactivation. Calls for the president’s Twitter account to be suspended based on some of his more aggressive rhetoric have circulated online, although such calls have been largely limited to liberal circles and have not gained much traction.

And from Business Insider:

Just think, what if the rogue support staffer on his last day decided to do something different. What if, instead of taking Trump’s account offline, the staffer decided to fire off a tweet on Trump’s account?

Perhaps the staffer might have had Trump say something idiotic or embarrassing. Perhaps the staffer might have had Trump bash a company’s stock, in hopes of trading ahead of it and make a quick buck.

Or perhaps the departing Twitter employee might have composed a tweet declaring that missiles had been fired at an enemy regime like North Korea. Twitter has control over an internet-age nuclear weapon. We can’t afford to trust that Twitter knows how to take care of it.