ALABAMA: Roy Moore Refuses To Debate Opponent

Huntsville’s CBS affiliate reports:

WHNT News 19 in conjunction with our partners at Reckon by invited both of Alabama’s US Senate candidates to participate in what would have been a live, commercial-free debate. The Doug Jones campaign accepted, but the Roy Moore campaign has declined.

We at WHNT News 19 believe that public debates give voters a chance to carefully consider who represents them. A seat in the US Senate comes with immense power. It should also come with immense accountability. Every politician, no matter their stances, party or position, should be open to conversations and challenges, even from those who might disagree.

We did not specify a format, allowing room to work with both campaigns on a mutually agreeable style. We intended to integrate questions from audience members and people following along digitally. We offered six different date possibilities between November 27th and December 7th. However, it was not enough to convince Roy Moore to meet Doug Jones in a public forum.

(Tipped by JMG reader Drew)