White Supremacists Rally In Tennessee [VIDEO]

The Shelbyville Times-Gazette reports:

Confederates. Anarchists. Police. Batons. Automatic rifles. Snipers. Helicopters. Drones. Clowns. Those were the scenes Saturday as 200 to 400 white nationalists and 400 to 600 counter-protesters filled downtown Shelbyville during the White Lives Matter rally.

The streets in between the sidewalks at North Cannon Boulevard and Lane Parkway belonged to hundreds of police officers from across the state. Officers, K-9 units and armored trucks filled the streets between the two rallies. They were supported by horse patrols, officers driving utility vehicles, helicopters and drones. Snipers and observers patrolled the roofs of many businesses.

The two sides yelled a lot, chanted and waved flags and signs. The counter-protesters played a variety of rock, pop and Latin music, plus a recording of a speech from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. The white nationalists’ chants included “White Lives Matter” and “We will not be replaced.” The commanders of each of the white nationalist organizations spoke. Through it all, the police kept everyone safe.

USA Today reports:

Members of the League of the South, the white nationalist group that helped organize the “White Lives Matter” rally, carried a sign calling “southern cultural genocide.” Michael Hill, president of the league, said “Hail Dixie” and “Hail victory!” over the loudspeakers.

Thor Henderson, a grand officer in Georgia for the International Keystone Knights, a Ku Klux Klan group, said he was marching to bring awareness to the September shooting at a Nashville church. Some people there had “tradworker” written on their shields — alluding to the Traditionalist Worker Party, another white supremacy group.

The League Of The South backs Roy Moore and has distributed pro-Moore placards at his rallies.