Trump Spends $1.75 Million On Office Furniture

NBC News reports:

The Donald Trump administration is spending $1.75 million on furniture for the executive office, according to government procurement records. That includes $17,000 for custom rugs, $7,000 for “furniture pedestals,” and $5,000 for wallpaper.

There’s also $12,800 for a custom conference table from a company that made one for former President Richard Nixon in 1969 (“Nixon paid for the table himself,” the company’s website notes). New presidents typically redecorate, and the West Wing underwent significant renovations this summer.

Still, the sum, since the inauguration, is slightly larger than the roughly $1.5 million spent by former President Barack Obama over a similar period of his time in his administration. Obama made a point of paying for some White House furnishings out-of-pocket. It’s unclear if Trump has done the same.