Tony Perkins Has The Tom Price Resignation Sadz

Last week hate group leader Tony Perkins declared that Democrats had “invented” Tom Price’s private jet scandal in order to keep him from stopping abortions. In a separate press release, Perkins also claimed that “most STDS are incurable.” It took Perkins six days, but he’s finally issued a reaction to Price’s resignation that manages to link both of those lies. An excerpt:

Tom Price may have cleared out his office at the Department of Health and Human Services – but what he left behind says volumes. After the liberals’ “gotcha” moment (a series of charter plane trips that were reportedly cleared by agency lawyers), Price resigned, walking away from one of the most influential jobs in Washington. For conservatives, it was a frustrating moment. Losing one of the most pro-family members of Trump’s cabinet was a huge blow to the movement, which was looking forward to rolling back eight years of anti-life, anti-freedom, health “care.”

As we’ve seen, liberals will fight anyone with a backbone to push Trump’s agenda. The director of the AIDS Institute couldn’t hide his disdain for the agency’s goals for the next five years. “It’s not that we’re against faith-based groups,” he insisted. “We just want to make sure that these groups will not withhold condoms, withhold messages that are important to prevent HIV, particularly among gay men, among transgender people.”

But the irony of that statement is that conservatives are the ones who have — not just the best messages — but the solution for the spread of disease: abstain! The CDC just announced one of the greatest spikes in STDs in history, and we’re not going to stop STDs using the same failed approach — throwing money at the problem, and never addressing its source! It’s time for an honest conversation about American health care. Tom Price started one. Let’s hope Donald Trump picks a conservative bold enough to continue it.