Russian Troll Factory Made Fake Hillary Sex Tape

According to a worker at a Kremlin-backed troll factory, last year they put together a fake sex tape starring a black man and a Hillary lookalike. The tape was apparently never posted because the trolls decided that even the craziest far-right Americans wouldn’t believe it.

The Daily Beast reports:

Alan Baskaev worked for the troll factory, also known as the Internet Research Agency, for about six months, he told the independent Russian television channel TV Rain. And his account of the night shift at the troll factory’s American division sheds even more light on the inner workings of the Russian-sponsored effort to influence U.S. elections.

Once, Baskaev recalled, Russian propaganda-makers thought they hit the “sensation” jackpot with a fake video of a black man and a woman who looked like Hillary Clinton having sex. “Do you understand… no one will believe that,” Baskaev said.

Another time, he recalled, “our idiots” made a video that supposedly featured an African-American soldier shooting a Quran. But, Baskaev laughs, the man turned out to have an African accent. (Comments on the YouTube page for that video are in Russian, mocking the failed piece of propaganda.)