POLL: Majority Says Trump Is Unstable, Dishonest

Politico reports:

Reckless. Thin-skinned. Not honest. Not compassionate. Not stable. Those aren’t just the extraordinary, harsh judgments of President Donald Trump by two retiring, Republican senators on Tuesday — they are also shared by majorities of voters in a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

“As we have seen in past polls, most voters, 56 percent, say President Trump is reckless, while 31 percent disagree,” said Morning Consult co-founder and hief Research Officer Kyle Dropp. “Even among Republicans, 33 percent think this is an accurate characterization — notably higher than the percentage of Republicans that disapprove of the president overall, 20 percent.”

Only 33 percent of voters in the new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll say Trump is compassionate, while 54 percent say he isn’t. A 52 percent majority says Trump is thin-skinned, and 33 percent say he isn’t. Trump scores poorly on other measures in the poll as well. Only 39 percent of voters say Trump is a strong leader; half say he is not. Just a third say he is stable, while a 54 percent majority say he is not stable.