New RNC Ad Laughably Blames Democrats For “Failing” To Repeal Obamacare: “Trump Will Fix It” [VIDEO]

The Hill reports:

A new ad from the Republican National Committee (RNC) claims ObamaCare is “failing,” and blames Democrats for congressional Republicans’ failure to repeal and replace the law earlier this year.

The ad points to “skyrocketing” insurance premiums as an example of ObamaCare failing, and hits Democrats for blocking “a better plan to repeal and replace Obamacare once and for all — obstructing our president just to score political points with the radical left.”

Republicans control both the House and Senate, but were unable to pass an ObamaCare repeal bill this summer after Senate Republicans objected to both the substance of the legislation and the secretive process by which the bill was drafted.

Notice how the ad features formerly obscure House Rep. Frederica Wilson alongside Schumer and Pelosi.