MICHIGAN: Former Asst AG Wants Law License Back Because Anti-Gay Haters Have Power Thanks To Trump

This freak show is still making news after all these years.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

A former Michigan assistant attorney general known for his attacks on the first openly gay student body president at the University of Michigan is appealing the decision by a discipline board to revoke his law license. Andrew Shirvell claims the board was biased against his beliefs and cites Donald Trump as a reason why he is speaking out.

“Given that my case is one of the most politically-charged to have ever come before a Hearing Panel. I cannot imagine a more biased panel of attorneys who sat in judgment of me,” Shirvell said in a press release Tuesday. “With Donald Trump now in the White House, conservative Christians like me will no longer tolerate being railroaded by the liberal elite.”

Shirvell, who was fired by then-Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox in 2010, came to prominence after an intense national media spotlight on Shirvell’s anti-gay postings. He had targeted Chris Armstrong, who was the first openly gay student body president at the University of Michigan.

In 2012 an appeals court upheld a $3.5 million judgement against Shirvell for his harassment of Armstrong, whom he depicted with swastikas on his face and called “Satan’s representative on Earth.”

Below is his combative 2010 interview with Anderson Cooper if you’re unfamiliar with this nutjob.

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